By: Robert Desaulniers Aug 16, 2023 Updated Sep 5, 2023

COQUILLE, Ore. – Three years after Measure 110 was passed by voters, reducing penalties for drug charges and effectively decriminalizing drug possession in Oregon, many are questioning its effectiveness in reducing crime and improving public health. Now, officials in Coos County are beginning the process to try and get the measure repealed.

The Coos County Board of Commissioners and Coos County Sheriff signed a resolution to repeal Measure 110 on August 15. In the resolution, county commissioners said Measure 110 has failed to follow through with its promise of reducing crime and improve public safety, and has in fact led to increased incidents of crime and overdose deaths. The resolution said overdose deaths in Oregon nearly doubled in 2021 after Measure 110 went into effect, and that more than three-fifths of drug-related tickets filed in Oregon’s court system have resulted in the recipient failing to pay and facing no further penalties.

The resolution stated that Measure 110 has reduced the deterrent of drug laws, leading to increased drug use which has itself led to a host of problems including:

• Increased public health issues such as HIV, Hepatitis C, syphilis and mental health problems.

• An increase in property crimes, domestic crimes, and drug trafficking. The resolution claims Measure 110 has made Oregon a destination for drug users from other states, as well as foreign drug trafficking operations.

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