Our Proposal

Lives are being lost. Streets are unsafe. It’s time to fix Ballot Measure 110.

Measure 110 was approved by Oregon voters in 2020. The measure promised to improve Oregon’s drug use and addiction crisis by dedicating cannabis taxes to fund and deliver expanded treatment and recovery services. It also decriminalized the use of certain hard drugs like fentanyl, heroin, and methamphetamine. Since then, addiction and overdoses skyrocketed, open-air drug use is out of control, and drug-related crimes are rising. It’s clear, Measure 110 is not working as promised. 

Our goal is to fulfill the promise of Measure 110 – more treatment, more quickly to more people. But with Oregon’s juvenile overdose death rate leading the nation, human suffering getting worse, and communities increasingly unsafe, Measure 110 must be fixed to help those most at risk and in need. There are two ways change can happen – voters can fix Measure 110 through a ballot initiative on the November 2024 ballot, or the Governor and legislature can act with greater urgency and pass the initiative language when they meet in February – or sooner in special session.

Ballot Initiative Highlights


Prohibit the use of hard drugs in public places.


Make possession of lethal drugs like fentanyl, meth, and heroin a crime again.


Replace voluntary with required addiction treatment.


Prioritize diversion, treatment, and recovery over prosecution and jail.


Maintain cannabis taxes for expanded prevention, treatment, and recovery; improve oversight and accountability.


Expand penalties for drug dealing.