Our coalition applauds the bipartisan passage of HB 4002 and roll back of Measure 110 by the Oregon House. We acknowledge the leadership of both Democrats and Republicans, local law enforcement agencies, district attorneys, treatment providers, cities, counties, and business leaders in working together to address Oregon’s addiction crisis.

This legislation is just the first step to save lives, rescue communities and restore Oregon’s national reputation tattered by drug decriminalization. Our ballot initiatives amplified the voices of the overwhelming majority of Oregonians who, in their life experience, observation and common sense know that Measure 110 has done far more harm than good to the state we all love. We are grateful to the thousands of people who made their voices heard in Salem.

If the Senate passes and the Governor signs HB 4002 and the corresponding financial package in HB 5204, we will withdraw the ballot initiatives. A law that achieves 85% of what we proposed now is well worth the lives and communities that will be saved sooner rather than waiting for the passage and implementation of a ballot measure over a year from now.

A new bipartisan state law is a new beginning.

Now, local elected officials, law enforcement, public health providers and state officials have the awesome responsibility to implement new policies wisely and spend taxpayer funds effectively to get more people into more treatment more quickly. Oregonians also want safety and order restored on their streets and in their neighborhoods. Our coalition will be watching – encouraging quick action and accountability.

The significance of bipartisan action to fix and improve Measure 110 is worth acknowledging and replicating. No party has a monopoly on good ideas or the truth. No single national or state interest group should dictate unbalanced policy. Oregon can achieve better public policies and be a better place for everyone when the common good is more often put front and center in our politics and by all elected officials.